Annette Cantor is a performer of improvised vocal music and an established recording artist. In her performances she creates at once ethereal and passionate vocals, fusing East Indian flavors with classical European Musical Traditions, and particularly Gregorian Chants.

Her voice is soothing and expressive, and she accompanies herself with the East Indian tambura and the violin. She appears in concerts throughout the USA and Europe, sings for blessings and art installations, be it in nature, in art galleries or in concert halls.

Annette has collaborated with one of the founders of New Age music, Deuter, with whom she has recorded music and appeared in several memorable concerts.

Her floating vocals create an ethereal space which is supported by the musical arrangements featuring ethnic instruments like balinese gongs, bells, shakuhatchi flute, Native American flute, harp and cello.


Singing is for me a way in which people at all times have lifted their souls up to the gods. It has been a dream for me to sing in a way in which the voice is a true instrument, no longer kept in the mental realm of words but free to express the yearning, beauty, love and blissfulness of the inner experience through pure sound.

— Annette Cantor