Awareness Magazine

Way back at the dawning of the new age music genre in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, a few seminal musicians planted the seeds of a new kind of music that was in tune with the awakening consciousness and emerging spirituality of the time. One of them was German-born Deuter (pronounced Doy-ter) who released his first album in 1971. Since that time, Deuter has recorded over 60 albums, with much of it focused on spiritual practices and the healing arts. His recent release, which features piano, synthesizers, flute, guitar, cello, and more, is based on Reiki (pronounced ray-key), a hands-on energy balancing technique developed in Japan. While the serene music on this album certainly makes a perfect background for Reiki or any kind of healing work and meditation, it is also a high-quality listening experience in itself for anyone who enjoys relaxing instrumental new age music.