Customer Review

“The power of a mantra to heal and liberate lies in it’s vibration in the body. They are most effective when sung, especially in a group. There are some general techniques that facilitate the practice of using mantras: Take a few deep breaths and dispel any negativity that might interfere with focusing. Find or create a sacred place to chant. Experiment with different times of the day. Use candles or incense to enhance the ceremonial atmosphere. An ancient Hindu technique suggests repeating a mantra in 108 successions for 40 days to secure the mantras vibration in the body. If any if the days are missed it is important to start again at the beginning of the 40 day period.
Much has been written about the power of thought on action. A mantra is devotional and, therefore, inspired. Each mantra has a specific purpose to serve a higher ideal. If the intention serves this ideal and the universe, a profound and positive change can occur within the individual.Magical, healing mantras by Namaste is a collection of mantra kirtans, which simply means mantras accompanied by music.”