Fresh Tracks

On his latest release, Kamal M. Engels, known as Kamal, weaves together the haunting songs of the humpback whale with the healing power of ethereal keyboards. Reiki Whale Song is a dreamy softly ambient masterpiece perfect for reiki treatments, massage, meditation, and other healing modalities. The whale songs were recorded in the ocean at a depth of 1,500 feet by sound pioneer Frank Watlington, who utilized deep-water microphones. Watlington’s recordings are considered to be among the greatest of all recorded humpback-whale performances.

Kamal plays keyboards and synthesizers. He and Darpan provide voices and toning, and Ariel Kalma performed on woodwinds. Long, sustained chords float like waves on the ocean, while whale song rises from the depths like bubbles of light. Listening to Reiki Whale Song, preferably while lying down, is sure to relax even the most intense Type-A personality. The music leaves listeners feeling renewed. For healing practitioners as well as customers interested in healing music, Reiki Whale Song will be an important addition to their music collections.