Music Design

ZEN is clearly on of Terry Oldfield’s most majestic recordings, and that is saying a lot, considering his extensive musical output. The essence of the Far East is very powerful on this recording, framed around Oldfield’s sublime flute playing (alto and soprano). Drums are used sparsely, but when they come into the picture they are a dramatic and powerful presence, reminiscent of Japanese taiko drums. Shimmering synth textures help to further define the album’s inherent Asian feel, causing one to think of ancient secluded temples and monasteries. Rounding out the album is the use of wisps of vocal tones and nature sounds. The flutes literally seem to dance in this atmosphere with a playful simplicity. The album would be a natural choice for Tai Chi practice, fitting the meditative and martial aspects of that practice perfectly. Though almost any healing or relaxation endeavor would benefit from its use.