Celtic Ragas
Catalog Number: NE9802-2

Album Description

In Celtic Ragas, the strings of Dunster’s sarod and Jaime’s guitar eloquently meld into rich, flowing melodies making the similarities between the musical traditions of these two cultures apparent.

“It’s a musical love affair for us to play this music together, as if East and West, Chinmaya’s melodies on sarod and my harmonies on guitar, are eager to join in an intimate conversation like two old friends.” ~Vidroha Jamie

“I love the unique blend of Irish and Indian style music of Celtic Ragas” – Paul McCartney  (Chinmaya and Jamie perform at Paul McCartney’s wedding)

Track Info

  1. Chance Meeting 5:02
  2. The Mist of Ruantallain 5:48
  3. At the Edge of the Known World 5:05
  4. Mere Hamsafar 4:50
  5. Tara 4:34
  6. The Goddess 4:53
  7. Wandering Way 4:24
  8. A Gypsy Tale 4:08
  9. Dorset 4:32


Total Time: 43:16

©1998 by New Earth Records / NE 9802
Published by Shiva Shakti Music Publishing BMI
Manufactured and printed in USA