Catalog Number: NE3128-2

Album Description

The Inspiration
Crystal Chakra Healing was inspired by a healing journey to the Casa of Don Ignacio in Abadiânia, Brasil, where Bhikkhu and Waduda spent five weeks in the presence of João Teixeira de Faria, also known as John of God, and the entities he incorporates. During this time, they committed to intensive meditative sessions and spiritual surgeries. To implement the healing process, they spent time each day immersed in the energy of the quartz crystal lights, also known as a crystal bed. A crystal bed consists of seven quartz crystal lights suspended above a client on a massage table and positioned above each chakra.

The Album
With the help and expertise of Lupito (William Jones)—founder of Crystal Tones—we used crystal bowls specially selected for their tones and vibrational qualities to convert the healing energy of the crystal lights into the sounds you hear on this album. In order to charge the crystal bowls, we aligned each one of them with its corresponding quartz crystal light. This process allowed the bowls to receive optimal healing energy from the lights.

Finally, the crystal bowls were played and recorded individually for a period of seven minutes each. For the last track, all crystal bowls were charged together, along with the eighth bowl—also known as the Laughing Buddha—and played together for thirteen minutes in a celebration of the united energy of all chakras. All of this came together at 8,500 feet in the beautiful scenery of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado where seven friends met to play the crystal bowls embedded with the energy of the crystal lights.

The Practice: How to Listen to This Album
Below are a few suggestions for different ways to listen to this album.

First, find a comfortable position and be in a state of relaxed awareness. Focus on your breathing and allow it to flow naturally. Then, visualize the appropriate chakra color along each of the corresponding organs. If there are any areas of your body that need more attention, dedicate your focus to that organ and the corresponding chakra. Feel the energy moving. For example, if you want to strengthen your intuition then focus on your third eye; if you want to strengthen your communication then focus on your throat. Listen to the album all the way through. If you are feeling imbalanced in a specific organ, you can listen to the corresponding track on repeat, allowing the healing energy to settle in.

Another way to align your chakras while listening to this album is by using crystals or stones; feel free to choose those that you have the strongest connection with. You can place a stone over the chakra corresponding to the organs to which you wish to pay more attention. For overall chakra balancing and alignment, you can place a stone or crystal over each of your seven chakras.

It can be helpful to choose an essential oil, incense or fragrance that you like. The more sensory based you allow this experience to be, the stronger the results: hear, feel, touch, see and smell.

You can also listen to this album allowing your own sound and vibration to emerge and notice the difference in tone, starting with the first chakra being the lowest, and the seventh chakra being the highest. Since everyone has different ways of perceiving energy, you can experience your own healing journey however you wish—there is no wrong or right way to enjoy this album. Simply relax, and let the magic of ‘now’ take over.

John of God’s Blessing
The sounds in this album contain the healing energy of the crystals from the Casa of Don Ignacio de Loyola in Abadiânia, Brasil. This project and the crystals themselves have been blessed by João Teixeira de Faria, John of God, and the entities he incorporates.

This album is an experiment of sonic vibrations in action—an alchemical transformation of crystals through light and sound. The crystal bowls were first charged by quartz crystal lights, then played in a meditative state. Each of the seven people that participated in this process simply retrieved the sound emerging from the crystal bowls. The crystal lights—from the Casa of Don Ignacio in Brasil—integrated with the crystal bowls—from Crystal Tones—provide you with the potential to bathe in an amazing healing vibration of ‘now’, no matter where you are.

Track Info

  1. First Chakra (6:51)
  2. Second Chakra (6:49)
  3. Third Chakra (6:49)
  4. Fourth Chakra (6:41)
  5. Fifth Chakra (7:05)
  6. Sixth Chakra (6:39)
  7. Seventh Chakra (7:01)
  8. All Chakras (13:04)