Dream Time
Catalog Number: NE3131-2

Album Description

In Dream Time, Deuter offers the listener a variety of melodies that have the essence of light, life & joy and transports you to a dimension where the present moment becomes pure magic and transcends itself. Another masterpiece… This album features keyboards, flutes, banjo, drum, harp, erhu, cello, piano and tambura.

“What I like the most about Deuter’s music is the feeling of peace and tranquility that it creates; you simply cannot feel stressed while listening to his music. This is also the case with his 2013 album Dream Time. When pressing play you suddenly have all the time in the world to relax, think and dream.

“Dream Time is in many ways a typical Deuter album, though he has a surprise in store for us. On the first track, Harlequin & Pierrot, he plays banjo! That has not happened on a Deuter album before. It adds a nice touch to the song, and Deuter should definitely do this again. It is nice when artists don’t take themselves too seriously.” – BT Fasmer

Track Info

  1. Harlequin and Pierrot (6:47)
  2. Shaman Flight (8:42)
  3. Moving Seagrass (6:07)
  4. Mon Coeur (6:39)
  5. I Will Wait For You (4:00
  6. Tranquil Sea of Green (7:50)
  7. Fernes Licht (7:24)
  8. Moonlight Pearls (7:24)

Total Time: 53:00