Earth Blue Deuter
Catalog Number: NE2716-2

Album Description

Deuter, a master creator of spiritual music, is a living legend. His sublime compositions transcend aural boundaries, his elegant melodies filling the heart of anyone who listens. Deuter’s innate awareness and rare musical talent create a harmonious balance of music and spirit. Deuter’s soulful flute and enchanting, layered melodies invite you to awaken into a wonderful world of inner silence and vital meditation. Earth Blue is composed with a superb sensitivity that allows the listener’s spirit to unfold.

“Picking out a single album from Deuter’s catalog as “essential” is nigh impossible. However, Earth Blue gets the nod because the album illustrates that Deuter is as good at crafting ambient music as he is at his more typical New Age genre. Intermixing floating, serene electronic selections with more uptempo numbers featuring sparkling guitar melodies and lilting flute and recorder, this music, commissioned for the Autostadt Exhibition in Wolfsburg, Germany, is a revelation of the depth and breadth of this man’s superior talent.” – New Age Retailer

Track Info

  1. The Source 6:20
  2. White 8:30
  3. Earth Light 5:50
  4. Distant Dreams 10:13
  5. Savannah Sunrise 6:00
  6. Abendschatten 7:20
  7. Balance 8:40
  8. Pradera 9:00
  9. Earth Blue 5:30

Total Time: 63:68

© Copyright 2003 New Earth Records / NE 2716
Published by Shiva Shakti Music / BMI