Eternity Deuter Music
Catalog Number: NE2901-2

Album Description

Eternity spans the width and breadth of the last fourteen years in Deuter’s music career, illustrating both the artist’s abundance of talent spread across a wide spectrum of styles as well as his singular musical vision. Whether serene and soothing or cheerful and celebratory, the music on Eternity amply demonstrates his place as a founding father in the New Age genre.

I existed from all eternity and, behold, I am here; and I shall exist ‘till the end of time, for my being has no end.” ~Kahlil Gibran

“Deuter is one of the most illuminating of new age performers having spent over 14 years helping people find inner harmony through his music. Eternity shines a light on some of the artist’s most relaxing, soulful compositions, with an emphasis on pieces that are very spacious, ambient and ethereal. On each cut, Deuter weaves a magic spell of soft instrumentation, including the contemplative sound of the Chinese erhu, gentle bamboo flute melodies, the twinkle of chimes and layers upon layers of absorbing synthesized atmosphere. “East of the Full Moon,” from the album of the same name, features ultra-smooth moods driven by he emotive beauty of the flute, while enchanting keyboard sounds flutter in the backdrop. “Dawn Mist—the Temple” shows Deuter’s ability to be descriptive with music, taking the listener on a journey to a secluded temple, deep in the heart of central Asia. He uses meandering piano melodies and clouds of synthesizer to craft a sense of wonder and mystery.” – Music Design

Track Info

  1. Venus Rising 5:55
  2. Lovesong from the Mountains 7:58
  3. Uno 5:56
  4. Lotus 7:52
  5. Dawn Mist – The Temple 7:30
  6. Empty Shore 8:08
  7. East of the Full Moon 8:35
  8. Kindred Spirit 8:19
  9. Abendschatten 7:20
  10. White Bird, Blue Sky 7:18

Total Time 74:01