Feng Shui The Eightfold Path
Catalog Number: NE2002-2

Album Description

Feng Shui: The Eightfold Path blends sacred sounds from the Buddhist lands of the East with acoustic instruments from around the world: the sarod and santoor from India, Celtic harp, flute and guitar. Melodious and easily accessible, the music aims to evoke the inner Feng Shui – known to Buddhists as the Eightfold Path – the essence of which brings transformation to our inner world. Descriptions of the eight aspects of the Path are included with the album as well as a practical guide to using each associated track of music to bring these aspects into harmony within us.

This harmonious music is a perfect accompaniment to the practice of Feng Shui. I am particularly gratified to see Feng Shui brought to its proper spiritual level in this album. Well done!” ~MASTER CHANG LU of Taiwan, Feng Shui Master

Track Info

  1. Right Mindfulness 7:41
  2. Right Views 5:44
  3. Right Livelihood 5:35
  4. Right Samadhi 5:07
  5. Right Morality 5:35
  6. Right Effort 4:12
  7. Right Speech 6:00
  8. Right Intention 5:07

Total Time: 45:05

©2000 by New Earth Records / NE 2002
Published by GEMA–Soundless Sound Music Publishing
Manufactured and printed in Switzerland