Illumination of the Heart
Catalog Number: NE3152-2

Album Description

This album is one of Deuter’s masterpieces. In Illumination of the Heart, Deuter plays an ample array of instruments including the flute, keyboard, cello, piano and guitar; all are magically interwoven. In addition to these instruments, Deuter uses his own voice as an extra tool that evokes a sense of the beyond. Each track leads to the next in a crescendo of musical landscape that brings a sense of blissful serenity. A must-have for your collection!

*Ranked on Billboard’s Top 10 New Age Albums September 2015!*

Deuter is a master creator of spiritual music—a living legend. His sublime compositions transcend aural boundaries; his elegant melodies fill the heart of anyone who listens. Deuter’s innate awareness and rare musical talent create a harmonious balance of music and spirit.

All music composed and played by C. G. Deuter.
This album was recorded in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA with flutes, keyboards, cello, piano, guitar and voices.

“Denn was wär Musik, wenn sie nicht ging weit hinüber über jedes Ding.”
–Rainer Maria Rilke

“Meine Musik ist eine dauernde Annäherung an die Stille.”
“My music is a continuous movement towards silence.”
–C. G. Deuter

Track Info

1. Matamua 9:48
2. Moon and Earth 6:28
3. Tonglen 7:38
4. Stern an Stern 6:50
5. Coucher de Lune 4:46
6. Schein und Widerschein 9:26
7. Desert Dream Green 7:37
8. Mericoeur 8:23

Total Time: 61:00