Kamasutra Experience
Catalog Number: NE9904-2

Album Description

Al Gromer Khan blends his mastery of the sitar and other Indian instruments with hypnotic ambient sounds, luring his listeners on an inner journey into infinite landscapes of consciousness. Kamasutra Experience is a superb album for slowing down and sharing intimacy with a loved one.

“Kamasutra Experience is a deep interpretation of the Indian sex ritual. Rather than approach this subject from the purely physical sense, Al Gromer Khan approaches it from four planes — emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and musical. He quotes an unknown sex expert: “The real sex organ is the brain.” He postulates that the “fool who tried to screw more pleasure out of sex…found that the best sex…was with those people he didn’t have….” This is all very deep and important in framing the listening experience. Listeners should prepare for transport to different levels of existence — some emotional and spiritual, all musical and intellectual. Khan’s sound design has definite structure and intricate elements. The atmospheres, while extensive, are clearly finite. This disc hits on all cylinders and is one of Khan’s best. It will appeal to fans of David Parsons, Life in Balance, Riley Lee, and Greg Ellis.” – iTunes

Track Info

  1. Mahal 4:29
  2. Door of the Minbar 5:00
  3. Paisley In Meherabad 4:47
  4. Silent Voice 10:12
  5. Atma Drum 6:58
  6. The King’s Chamber 7:15
  7. A Hundred Moons 5:24
  8. Mahal Recall 2:06
  9. Isfahan Green 5:36

Total Time: 51:47