Catalog Number: NE2703-2

Album Description

Deuter puts his entire palette of musical abilities on display on Koyasan: Reiki Sound Healing. This album incorporates a global mixture of instruments, including the Chinese erhu, Japanese shakuhachi flute, East Indian tamboura and Tibetan bowls, as well as shimmering keyboard textures. Deuter takes the listener on a serene, mystical voyage through a variety of peaceful soundscapes with a relaxed and soothing pace. The music is soothing, contemplative and intimate.

Koyasan is considered Japan’s sacred mountain (near Osaka) about 2800 feet in height. The summit is a concave tableland surrounded by steep forest slopes which terminate in eight loins believed by Buddhists to represent the eight petals of the lotus. This area contains over 100 temples and shrines, giving it a sublime and mystical flavor.

“For me, Reiki is very similar to the process of creating music, surrendering to something greater, letting go and allowing the music, the energy to flow.” ~C. G. Deuter

Track Info

  1. Kindred Spirit (8:15)
  2. Hands of Love (4:33)
  3. Le Velour, le Satin et la Soie (8:34)
  4. Lovesong from the Mountains (8:00)
  5. Sound of Invisible Waters (9:33)
  6. Language of Silence (10:10)
  7. Vollmond im Herbst (5:43)
  8. Escape from Gravity (8:20)

Total time 60:05