Catalog Number: NE3805-2

Album Description

Playing Indian classical music is my favorite mindfulness practice. The intense attention on the form and feel of the raga I am playing is a way of transcending my mind. It is a search for the innermost core of the raga, just as mindfulness is a search for the innermost core of my being, what Osho and the Zen masters call ‘no-mind’. Outwardly the form of each raga is simply a set of rules about which notes may be used, which of these emphasized, and a set of restrictions about which way they may be approached from each other. Yet many great artists have commented on the curious sense that, rather than being created, a raga is something to be explored as if it pre-exists beyond the act of performance.


“This album beautifully introduces the listener to the unique sound that only the hypnotic nature of Eastern music can offer.”

— Manish Vyas, Osho News


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Track Info

Music to inspire presence in the Here and the Now. Inspired by vignettes from the life of Gautam Buddha.

1. ‘Beneath the Bo Tree’ (based on Rag Bahaar) 5.45
2. ‘Turning the `Wheel of Dharma’ (based on Rag Chandranandan) 6.49
3. ‘Sermon in the Deerpark’ (based on Rag Bihag) 6.32
4. ‘Mahakasyapa's Flower’ (based on Rag Megh) 6.47
5. ‘The Elephant’s Spawn‘ (based on Rag Bhairagi) 11.15
6. ‘Mahaparanirvana’ (based on Rag Gujari Todi) 6.40

Chinmaya Dunster: sarod, keyboards, swarmandel, tanpura
Shastro: flute on 3 and 5
Kiran Ahuwalla: flute on 1, 2 and 4
Lalit Kapil: piano on 2
Rushabh Trivedy: piano on 4
Manish Vyas: santoor on 6
Amano Maneesh: slide guitar on 6

Composed and produced by Chinmaya Dunster