Catalog Number: NE3802-2

Album Description

The soundscape of Mirage invites you to a space where you can look at everything you know to be true. You are taken to a place deep within yourself that is in this world, but not of it. As you listen to the music you are lured, as if following a mirage, towards your inner silence. Deuter’s Mirage is a true masterpiece.

In his latest album, Mirage, he takes you to mystical places deep within yourself where you are lured, as if by a mirage, toward inner peace and silence. This album features flutes, keyboards, cello, piano, guitar and voices. Alternately serene and enigmatic, playful and imaginative, each of these many-layered tracks creates an enchanting sound ambience for contemplation, healing practices, creativity and relaxation.

– Light of Consciousness magazine, Summer 2019

Track Info

  1.  Mirage (8:38)
  2.  Morin Huur (6:18)
  3.  La Forêt (10:18)
  4.  Manganu (8:18)
  5.  Okeanos 1 (8:20)
  6.  Okeanos 2 (4:39)
  7.  Friendly Valley (8:31)
  8.  Ein unbeschreibliches Glücksgefühl (8:57)