Catalog Number: NE2714-2

Album Description

Monsoon Point is about a specific point in time — a point when things begin to mellow and reality is questioned. Thus, Monsoon Point evolves from poisoned sting to pointed arrow. Al Gromer Khan (electronics and keyboards) and Amelia Cuni (Indian dhrupad singing) blend their immense talents to create this ethereal experience. This is a quiet album, intended for listening alone at night and in the dark. Khan‘s keyboards drift aimlessly from a smooth drone to distant points in midair. They disappear only to be replaced by more atmospheres or by Cuni‘s masterful vocals. Those vocals can also serve as another drone or another starting point for the atmospheres. The atmospheres blend seamlessly and become a soundscape of extraordinary stature. Khan and Cuni use their skills to incorporate silence into the sound design. – Jim Brenholts

Track Info

  1. Monsoon Point 55:32

Total Time 55:32