Catalog Number: NE2001-2

Album Description

It seems there are two hearts burning in my chest. One with the slow waves of silence and meditation, the other celebrating the infinite colors of this existence. ‘Mystery Road’ celebrates the colors of life, like a rainbow of different flavors in sound, a kaleidoscope of all the the influences that I experience. In this age of information so many different cultures, technologies, arts, tastes, and sights touch me! Traveling through Europe, the Americas, Asia and Australia, movies, the Internet, TV, friends, teachers, Gurus, madmen and women: it’s all like the mysterious weaving of countless roads that merge inside of me. Something resonates, and is expressed in sound: a journey on the “Mystery Road”!  –  Kamal

Track Info

  1. African Papillon (5:32)
  2. Shakuhaji Tales (5:22)
  3. Call of the Muezzin (5:09)
  4. Those Flying Days (4:46)
  5. Ripples (4:36)
  6. More Tales of Bululu (Dao Mix) (5:59)
  7. The Rhythm of Life (Paco’s Mix) (5:52)
  8. Pictures from Spain (5:15)
  9. While You Are Here… (6:00)
  10. Echoes & Voices (5:36)