Nada Himalaya
Catalog Number: NE9706-2

Album Description

Deuter’s masterful meditation music echoes the pristine essence of a Himalayan retreat by integrating Tibetan bells and bowls, chimes, and the natural sounds of a mountain stream in Nada Himalaya. Expanding reverberations and overtones meld in perfect harmony.

“Powerfully meditative and a distinct departure would be the two apt descriptions for Deuter’s new Nada Himalya. While his past works, like “Nirvana Road” or “Land of Enchantment” were crafty blendings of guitars, recorders, lively percussion, and spacious flowing synths, you’ll find none of those instruments here. Instead, gentle sounds of Tibetan bells and bowls, chimes and the sounds of mountain streams float like white clouds in the Himalayas. These sound vibrations can literally change the environment, inviting silence from the inside. A timeless space of harmonics and subtle vibrations await those who enter the here and now of these spiritual sounds, resonating from the heights and depths of simple breath and existence.”  – Common Ground

Track Info

  1. Nada Himalaya 1 31:19
  2. Nada Himalaya 2 16:07
  3. Final 3:00

Total Time: 49:07