Nanda Devi
Catalog Number: NE3147-2

Album Description

The music on this album is intended to create a space of serenity, room to breathe in, an expanded perspective on life that might allow us to relax for a moment. It was Hans Christian’s intention to compose music for balancing and meditation, expressed through my own musical language. At the same time, he also wanted to highlight an interesting combination of string instruments in an ever-changing dialogue. So, Nanda Devi is also an album of musical and sonic experimentation.

You will find quite a variety of real instruments on these recordings. Besides the cello, which is always Hans’ first choice for instrument, you will hear an Indian sitara (small sitar), an Indian sarangi, the Swedish nyckelharpa (key fiddle), an Indian dhilruba (bowed sitar), an Indian swaramandala (autoharp), a medieval psaltery (bowed small harp), a lapsteel guitar, electric guitar, fretless bass, world percussion, Tibetan bowls and some keyboard enhancements, all weaving this tapestry of melodies, colors and patterns.

*Ranked #1 on Echoes Top 25 for September 2015!*

*Voted John Diliberto’s Top 25 Albums for 2015!*

Music composed and performed by Hans Christian at STUDIO 330 in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin.
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Hans Christian continues to break new ground with his latest production ‘Nanda Devi’. It is sacred instrumental music of the highest order… i.e. absolutely mesmerizing and instantaneously puts you into the here and now. It’s quickly become my new favorite sound track for yoga and deep meditation.” ~GuruGanesha

©2015 New Earth Records / NE 3147
Published by Shiva Shakti Music Publishing & Allemande Music (BMI)

Track Info

1. First Light 6:57
2. Majestic Mountain 7:17
3. My Inner Ascent 7:00
4. Eternal Spring 6:30
5. Sunanda 8:02
6. She Who Brings Bliss 4:40
7. Valley of Gori Ganga 7:30
8. Between Dusk and Dawn 7:13
9. November Toning 6:12

Total Time: 61:35