Catalog Number: NE3803-2

Album Description

Ustad Usman Khan is based in Pune, India and has performed in all of the most prestigious music festivals in India. As the Honorary International Dean of the Temple of Fine Arts encompassing Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and India, he has composed the musical score for dance dramas ‘Ramayana’ and ‘Taj Mahal’. In India he displayed an interest and skill in the medium of international world music by bringing Eastern and Western musicians together in a twenty piece orchestra at the Osho International Commune in Pune.

Pure Yoga features traditional Indian raga tracks.

1. Raag Yaman: Alaap-Jod-Jhalla (solo sitar portion), followed by two compositions in Teen Taal (a cycle of 16 beats, played on tabla) – one in Vilambit Laya (slow speed) Teen Taal and one in Drut Laya (fast speed).

2. Raag Charukeshi:  Alaap (solo sitar portion) followed by a composition in Taal Roopak (a cycle of 7 beats, played on tabla)


Track Info

  1.  Yaman (46:44)
  2.  Charukeshi (14:00)