Catalog Number: NE2802-2

Album Description

A harmonious tonality imbues Quiet Earth with a calm sense of peace. Based on a thoroughly natural foundation, this album weaves a surreal tapestry out of the more relaxed energies of the Earth. Setting aside time for quiet relaxation is vital to our health. It is a time to calm our thoughts, let go of stress, and internalize the essential. After letting the events of the day pass before the inner eye again and looking at the seemingly difficult problems from a greater distance, our feelings become more balanced and we become ready to surrender to peace – another beautiful day on this Quiet Earth.

“I am a lucky man. When I sit outside my house I can overlook the plains below me and see the coast and the ocean of Australia’s most easterly point, Cape Byron, and sometimes the world takes on a dreamlike quality: the clouds drifting, birds circling high above me or a thunderstorm in the distance over the ocean. The music in this CD reflects the essence of that dreamlike quality, the stillness and peace I feel when I look out from here over this Quiet Earth.” ~Kamal

After silence, that which comes closest to expressing kamal quiet earth the inexpressible is music.” ~Aldous Huxley

Kamal is a dream-weaver. His musical images conjure strange and beautiful inner landscapes that slowly move and transform, like drifting summer clouds appearing out of nothing that grow into something fantastic, transform into the unexpected, and vanish like mirages, leaving behind a more still mind, a more relaxed body, and lingering images of quiet earth.” ~Honey Harris, KBAC Radio

Through a kaleidoscope of multi-dimensional pictures, Kamal creates music that is both soothing and dynamic.” ~Golden Age

Track Info

1. Dreamscapes 11:06
2. The Quiet Earth 11:50
3. The Tides of Time 10:54
4. Healing 9:37
5. Meeresleuchten 14:10

Total Time: 57:37

©2008 New Earth Records / NE 2802
Published by Shiva Shakti Music Publishing BMI
Printed in Canada and manufactured in the USA