Catalog Number: NE9507-2

Album Description

Reiki Healing Hands provides music created to support meditation and a spiritual environment. It is deeply relaxing and stimulates the heart chakra. A delicate and light bell sounds every three minutes to remind practitioners to change hand positions. A bestselling album used by healers of all kinds. Also ideal for any types of bodywork, trance and meditation.

Instruments: Kiboe harp and keyboards, supported by environmental sounds. The kiboe harp is an instrument specially designed to create meditative music.

I always like to use Reiki Healing Hands for my sessions. The kiboe creates perfect Reiki harmony and nourishment for my treatments.” ~Reiki Master, Prem Naveen

Profoundly relaxing and deeply meditative… the perfect atmosphere for relaxation and meditation.” ~New Age Voice

The combination of Nik Tyndall’s and Anuvida’s music makes for a great end-of-the day trip to a land of soft light and gentle winds. It’s pure recorded bliss.” ~Bill Binkelmann, Wind and Wire Magazine

Track Info

  1. Point of Departure 10:25
  2. Empty Sky 7:47
  3. Circle of Light 8:23
  4. Tao of Heaven 13:40
  5. Like the Ocean 10:28


Total Time: 50:03

©1995 by New Earth Records / NE 9507
Published by Shiva Shakti Music Publishing BMI
Manufactured and printed in USA