Reiki Whale Dreaming
Catalog Number: NE2511-2

Album Description

A beautiful album combining the haunting calls of the humpback whales with soothing ambient sounds, bringing the listener into a state of healing tranquility. Reiki Whale Dreaming is a perfect musical accompaniment for Reiki, meditation, massage therapies, and other relaxing moments Also a great addition for yoga and other movement classes that require pulse and rhythm. This is the follow-up to the much-acclaimed Reiki Whale Song by Kamal.

Track Info

  1. Northern Lights 8:34
  2. The Yearning 8:25
  3. Initiation 6:51
  4. Raga for a Whale 3:38
  5. The Whale Who Dreamt the Sea 11:29
  6. A Whispering Dream 6:16
  7. The Healing Waters 9:23
  8. Coming Home 6:16

Total Time: 60:51