Reiki Whale Song
Catalog Number: NE2102-2

Album Description

Reiki Whale Song provides healing songs from the gentle giants of the deep echo throughout this unique collaboration of whale and man. Kamal blends authentic recordings of humpback whales with flute and soft synthesizer to create an atmosphere supportive of the healing energies of Reiki. This album transports you on a beautiful journey to complete relaxation and a state of serenity that seems to have no end. You float on a wave of beautiful and soulful whale sounds together with a variety of soothing and harmonious musical tones into a state of healing tranquility. It is a perfect accompaniment for Reiki and deep meditation.

Track Info

1. Northern Lights (8:34)
2. The Yearning (8:23)
3. Initiation (6:50)
4. Raga For A Whale (3:37)
5. The Whale Who Dreamt The Sea (11:30)
6. A Whispering Dream (6:16)
7. The Healing Waters (9:24)
8. Coming Home (6:17)

Total Time: 60:51