Sacred Temples of India
Catalog Number: NE2203-2

Album Description

Inspired by India’s holy shrines and sacred lands, Sacred Temples of India points the listener to the honored space within. The harmonic synergy of the sarod and flute dance through beautiful acoustic melodies that evoke fragrant images of India’s treasures.

“An evocative, awe-inspiring musical journey.We are immersed in wonder, captivated by the mystery through these gorgeous compositions connecting us with the divine vibrations of highly esteemed settings. Sacred sites, some natural, some human made, such as a shrine found under an enormous banyan tree in Gir Forest, Gujarat state, to which Dunster travelled with tabla player Manish Vyas, the great Chidambaram temple of south India and the magnificence of Mount Kailash, home of Shiva, inspired these musical expressions. Chinmaya Dunster is known for his highly original and successful blend of Celtic and Indian music. Dependably, he creates here, music that is at once very easy on the Western ear, not overtly Eastern and most serene. Friends into yoga and healing will just beg you for the title, sannyasin friends will already have it and your mother will politely suggest it for Christmas. Get this! There’ll be no regrets.” – Yoga Life Magazine

Track Info

  1. Dhobapara 5:58
  2. Mount Kailash 8:10
  3. Gir Forest 6:33
  4. Chamba 7:28
  5. Hanuman in New Delhi 4:16
  6. Khajuraho 4:53
  7. Konark 4:59
  8. Chidambaram 5:27

Total Time: 47:01