Spiritual Healing
Catalog Number: NE2806-2

Album Description

A culmination of Deuter’s many years of recording, Spiritual Healing distills the centered essence of Deuter’s hallmark style anew. Tranquility is renewed and time slows as these inspired melodies transport the listener to angelic realms.

“A King ascends a mountain to visit a sage. ‘What is the nature of the self?’ he asks the wise man. The sage looks at him without answering.The King repeats his question, but again the sage remains silent. After the third time of not getting an answer, he angrily demands, ‘Why don’t you answer me?’ ‘Three times I have answered, but you cannot hear,’ the sage replied calmly. ‘The nature of self is silence.’

This music will help you relax, calm down and thus find a way into the silence that is our innermost nature, thereby co-creating the spiritual dimension of our lives and our planet.” ~C. G. Deuter

Track Info

1. Along the High Ridges 11:29
2. Wind in Bamboo 8:13
3. Lavender Fields 11:28
4. Village Moon 5:00
5. Warm the New Dawn Sun 7:06
6. Dawn Mist – the Temple 7:27
7. Night Jasmine 11:56

Total Time: 61:03

©2008 New Earth Records / NE 2806
Published by Shiva Shakti Music Publishing BMI