Sweet Awakenings
Catalog Number: NE3138-2

Album Description

A Message from Terry Oldfield:

Sweet Awakenings began for me with falling in love, again, with my silver flute – the same one that I began with all those years ago on the beautiful Island of Hydra in Greece. I felt like a big part of those ancient rocks; it was a magical time for me. The memories of learning to play this wonderful instrument in the pine forests above one of the most beautiful harbours in the world will forever be deeply engraved in my heart.

I remember the time when I played my silver flute standing on the Orator’s stone at the ancient theatre of Epidavros – I was just improvising in the moment and expressing what was passing through. Afterwards, a French tourist came up to me and asked me if I was playing Debussy. I laughed and told her I was just playing. Since then I have always created music like that – just playing what is passing through.

The music for Sweet Awakenings was all born like this – I begin by setting up the microphone and just playing for a while and then listening back. Something usually jumps out like a little phrase or tune and then from that tiny seed, the music grows roots and branches, and the melody sits on top like a flower. Sweet Awakenings is a record of something that was passing through and is still passing in a continuous flow of creation in which we are all flowers.

It has been a wonderful journey for me to awaken once more to the simplicity of playing this silver flute – the one that helped me to notice what is passing through – in this moment – where the music flows. These pieces represent those precious moments when everything falls away and we find ourselves melting into the source of everything which is pure love. This is my offering to you in this timeless moment. May it bring you peace.

Awakening is finding that there is nothing to find. To awaken is to come to know that there is nowhere to go. Awakening is the understanding that this is all, this is perfect, that this is it.” ~Osho

Track Info

1. Quiet Lake (6:03)
3. Falling Leaves (5:16)
2. Moonrise (4:27)
4. Morning Star (6:20)
5. Melting Snow (5:00)
6. Passing Clouds (5:02)
7. Sunlight Dancing (5:08)
8. In the Blink of an Eye (4:41)
9. Ripples (5:08)
10. Above and Below (5:04)
11. In the Fading Light (6:34)

Total Time: 59:00