Tantra Drums
Catalog Number: NE9803-2

Album Description

A new masterpiece from Al Gromer Khan, Tantra Drums contains elements of dance, electronic space, world ambient and traditional Indian music woven seamlessly together. The theme is Tantra, a practice of the ancient Shakti cult, which contains many secret exercises and rituals with erotic content.

“Very nice, indeed…mystical, flowing, sensual, erotic, engaging… lovely musical support for slow, ecstatic lovemaking. Transports the listener to another level of consciousness…” – Customer Review

Track Info

  1. Kublai Tec 5:30
  2. The Ritual 5:10
  3. Agori Dance 7:07
  4. Moon Retros 2:47
  5. Take This Ruby 3:26
  6. Tantra Drums 7:48
  7. Kula 3:59
  8. Blue Raga 5:50
  9. Conga Jog 4:24
  10. Unmoved Mover 7:41

Total Time: 52:14