Temple of Love
Catalog Number: NE2506-2

Album Description

RASA’s Temple of Love blends Hans Christian’s excellent meditative and ethereal instrumentation with the achingly beautiful vocals of Kim Waters. The music on Temple of Love is ideal for facilitating relaxation, meditation and yoga.

Soaring, beautiful vocals resonate through the body to the soul. The instruments perfectly compliment the connection. A joyful celebration for the senses. I feel good every time I listen to it. The music would compliment yoga practice. My new favorite CD.” ~Susan Cooke, Yoga Practitioner

This dream music invokes the highest emotions of peace, harmony, and devotion. Hans’ great sarangi, sitara, and cello arrangements are superb while Kim’s voice comes from another dimension.” ~Frank Serafine, Composer and Producer

“The new album is AB-so-lute-ly GOR-geous! It’s really rare for any artist to improve and deepen as they go, but you are defying the odds.
Kim sounds completely confident and relaxed and the vocals have an even more satisfying quality as a result. The production is ingenious in developing the material and the instrumental textures. All in all, it’s your best work yet, which is really saying something. I wish you great success with it.” – Stephen Hill, Hearts of Space

Track Info

  1. Jaya Radhe 8:14
  2. Adaram Madhuram 6:59
  3. Sundara Mor 8:18
  4. Doya Koro 9:32
  5. Parama Karuna 9:36
  6. Om Purnam 6:02
  7. Srita Kamala 8:06
  8. He Krishna 7:30
  9. Return 0:58

Total Time: 65:46