Catalog Number: NE3141-2

Album Description

Influenced by music from all around the world and the silence which carries it all, The Healing Path was created with heart and sensitivity… music for listening to and relaxing into yourself. The Healing Path is a reminder that we are whole underneath all the difficulties we might carry. And that healing is something we do not have to do, but rather, we simply have to allow to happen.

“The music which unfolds when I play makes me feel like everything really is okay. It reminds me that we are whole underneath all the difficulties we might carry, and that Healing is something we do not have to do, we simply have to allow it to happen. Enjoy.” ~Parijat

Instruments: Classical guitar,  electric sitar,  piano, percussion,  keyboards,  programming.

You will have to create the path by walking yourself; the path is not ready-made.” ~OSHO

Track 1: This piece is a tranquil journey full of space, calming you with its soothing flute melodies.

Track 2:  Guitar and piano gently weave a texture like a birds nest in which you can rest and feel in comfort.

Track 3: Heart lifting guitar and rhythm with the violin flying, inviting you to enjoy this moment.

Track 4: Warm textured with the nylon guitar telling a story which carries you into stillness.

Track 5: This piece is a slow journey in the company of rhythm and melodies, enriched by the colors of the Orient.

Track 6: Imagine a morning in early spring, the sun just starts to warm the earth, and you are standing there, taking a deep breath and realizing that you simply feel in harmony.

Track Info

1. The Healing Path (10:00)
2. Sunset in Heaven (10:00)
3. Celebrate Yourself (10:00)
4. Path of Silence (10:00)
5. Travelling East (10:00)
6. New Morning (10:00)

Total Time: 60:00