Catalog Number: NE2101-2

Album Description

Specifically designed to help release of conscious and unconscious tensions, this music will lead you into a space of inner stillness. Peaceful slow frequencies and revitalizing high frequencies are orchestrated into a sweeping musical experience. Flute, piano, synthesizer, soft voices and alpha waves balance both hemispheres of your brain and promote creativity. A perfect accompaniment to message, hypnosis and other healing techniques.

“Between the silent peaks the wind plays its song on the dancing bamboo. We site together, the mountain and me, until only the mountain remains.” ~C. G. Deuter

Open to the healing power of music

There lies a treasure buried within all of us. To give up thinking means to allow the treasure to unfold. There are many ways to release our thoughts; music is a very graceful path which has been used for centuries in different traditions and cultures.

In the often hectic, externally-focused world we inhabit, our bodies may experience imbalance in the form of discomfort, illness or disease if we don’t dispel accumulated stress. Deep and total relaxation is the first step to releasing tension and forms the foundation of any true and lasting wellness.

In the appropriate form, music is a beautiful gift that has the power to harmonize and heal. The music on this album has been specifically designed to enable a holistic process of profound physical, emotional and mental relaxation.

Loving harmonies invite you to let go as you are led step-by-step into inner stillness. Then a slow but strong rhythm helps balance scattered energies and ease painful emotions. A bright flute evokes the feeling of freshness and clarity, like a bird soaring into the wide open sky. Bell sounds form an acoustic spiral that sends you deeper. With underlying alpha wave frequencies, sounds of nature and soft voices accompany you on your inner journey. Finally the music lifts you out again, recharged and vibrant.

We live in a world which constantly pulls our attention outside ourselves. Nothing is wrong with the external world, but in the process we tend to neglect our inner domain.

When using our eyes, our attention will normally actively go outside ourselves and we lose energy. Listening, on the other hand, is passive. Our ears are always “open.” They are receptive and feminine by nature; sound travels to us. While the eyes are yang, the ears are yin.

There lies a treasure buried within all of us, but we may not discover it because we are constantly caught in our relentless thought processes. To give up thinking means to allow the treasure to unfold. There are many ways to release our thoughts, and music is a very graceful path which has been used for centuries in different traditions and cultures.

We all vibrate with a certain frequency, just like other resonating bodies such as a violin or a drum. And everything around us vibrates with its own particular frequency. Many of these frequencies are disturbing or even harmful. So we got to the woods or the sea to “recharge,” as the vibrations of nature will often harmonize our own frequency.

Deep sounds (or slow frequencies) have a  calming and grounding effect. High sounds (or fast frequencies) work to clear, revitalize and refresh us.

Music like this specially designed recording helps to bring about an equilibrium of the two brain hemispheres by stimulating and harmonizing through special sounds and even wave forms.


Preparation is important and helps to direct your awareness. Your choice of surroundings will have an effect on the quality of your relaxation. Use stereo headphones or position yourself between the speakers of your CD player.

-The best position is lying down flat on your back on a comfortable surface in a room where you won’t be disturbed. There should be sufficient fresh air and you should be comfortably warm but not overheated.

-Wear comfortable clothes or loosen restrictive clothing and remove watches, jewelry contact lenses or glasses.

-Gently close your eyes

Experience your breath

-Become aware of the natural rhythm of your breath. Breathing is connected with the flow of “prana” or life energy.

-Without interfering in any way, observe the moment when your body wants to breathe in, how deeply it wants to inhale, and when it is ready to exhale.

-Be aware of any short pause before you feel the impulse to inhale or exhale.

-Allow your breathing to fill your whole body and sense how the breath with its pranic energies reaches all your cells from your head to your toes.

Open to the healing power

After preparing and observing your breath, you are now ready to experience the music.

-Relax and focus your attention on the music. Gradually become aware of the energy in each of the sounds.

-Starting with you hands, “listen” to the music with your whole body. Open your hands like two big ears and move them slowly to the music as you take in the sound and vibration.

-Then expand your listening awareness to include your heart, your belly, all the way down to your freer. Take in the energy of the sounds through your feet and fill the whole body. Relax your face.

The music helps attune and harmonize any tense, disharmonious energy vibrations in your body. It can literally “massage” you in a subtle way and regenerate your whole being.

Track Info

  1. Wind & Mountain 14:30
  2. Lotus 7:54
  3. Silver Cloud 11:15
  4. Island In The Sun 7:11
  5. Flowing 5:32
  6. Morning Birds 7:36

Total Time: 53:25