Catalog Number: NE3100-2

Album Description

Kamal’s Zen Mama features a collection of compositions that are specially created for expectant mothers and children. The idea was to create an album that embodied particular sound vibrations, that explored the adventures of birth; starting from conception to the very moment the child is born. At these beginning stages, Andrea Hambuchen and Waduda Paradiso both felt this would be a great contribution for both the mother and the baby; and all those involved in every stage of new life. One of the tracks is the ‘Baby Puja’ which is an ancient chant performed by the Gyuto monks of Tibet for the welfare of children, fertility and especially pregnancy and birth. This album also includes the sounds of humpback whales woven together with violin and viola creating an ambiance of peacefulness and beauty. To complete this unique Kamal album there is an interpretation of Charles Gounod’s ‘Ave Maria.’

This collaboration between Kamal and the Gyuto Monks reinforced the initial vision; the mantras and musical melodies complimented each other well. Kamal is also known to use natural tones in which this album includes the sounds of humpback whales woven together with the violin and viola. His harmonic talent will exceed your expectations.

A popular chant in India and also in Tibet for the welfare of children, fertility and especially pregnancy and birth. It was introduced to Tibet in the 11th century by the great Indian master Atisha who shaped Tibetan Buddhism as we know it today. It is believed that this chant was designed by Buddha 2500 years ago to help save the only son of King Bimsara and Queen Maghati when he suffered from a life threatening illness. Through the recitation of these sutras the Crown Prince recovered and thrived. This chant is the concise version deriving from the relevant 16 volumes of teachings on feminine energy known as wisdom teachings contained within the 108 volumes of the Buddha’s teachings on wisdom and compassion.

“It took seven years from conception to completion for the Zen Mama album to unfold. Through these years, it was patience that found the missing connection for this album and New Earth Records believed that I was the right musician for this project. Once I collaborated with the Gyuto Monks, everything fell into place. I learned and experienced the ancient “Baby Puja” which is chanted to protect and support pregnancy and birth. This discovery quickly evolved into the whole of Zen Mama.

This album is dedicated to the Great Spirit.I have no claim to this music other than having been humbly allowed to assist in its manifestation and I apologize for any personal resistance and undue interference in this truly miraculous process.” ~Kamal, Zen Mama, May 2009

Track Info

1. Dawn of Life 5:39
2. Jis Pai Bhum Chung (Baby Puja) 31:56
3. Zen Mama 6:40
4. Gesture of Silence 7:02
5. Being Breathed 8:37
6. Mahakala Chant 6:31
7. Ave Ma 4:55

Total Time: 1:11:33