Innovation & Financials

Bhikkhu Schober, President, Co-Founder and Director of Innovation & Financials at New Earth Records, grew up in Germany during the 1960s. He traveled extensively in the 1970s and ‘80s across Europe and Asia, studying the healing effects of meditation and music.

In 1990, Bhikkhu and his partner Waduda founded the independent music label c(originally Tao Music) in Munich, Germany. Since then, New Earth Records has flourished, publishing over 280 albums and reaching nearly two billion listeners across 162 countries.

In 1995, Bhikkhu and Waduda moved their company to Boulder, Colorado, where it continues to operate today.

Along with his love for healing music, Bhikkhu is passionate about photography and film, working on various independent projects over the years. Recently he has also begun to explore the world of book publishing.

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Out of Bhikkhu’s lifelong spiritual journey has emerged his love for philanthropy and a keen interest in mitigating the effects of climate change.

New Earth Records supports various non-profit organizations that he believes share our mission of commitment to an eco-conscious way of life.

He currently lives in Boulder, Colorado with his beloved Waduda.