Unveiling the treasures of timeless music, New Earth Records’ albums have received critical acclaim over the years, including a Grammy nomination for the Gyuto Monks of Tibet with Waduda as Art and Creative Director, a collaborative album with Tina Turner, and an exclusive performance at Paul McCartney’s wedding.

Our long creative journey was also dotted by many unusual projects and unexpected events. Here are a few that remain particularly close to our hearts.


Beyond and Tina Turner

Three extraordinary woman vocalists from different corners of the world — Tina Turner, Dechen Shak-Dagsay and Regula Curti — came together to produce Beyond, Buddhist and Christian Prayers, an album released by New Earth Records in 2009.

Turner, an iconic American singer and actress, Shak-Dagsay, a Tibetan mantra singer, and Curti, a Swiss vocalist, were able to create a universal and passionate sound that went beyond, dissolving boundaries between cultures and religions. Their combination of soulful melodies, soaring harmonies, and powerful vocals was truly unique and resonated deeply with global listeners.

Paul McCartney’s Wedding

In 2002, Chinmaya Dunster & the Celtic Ragas Band had an unforgettable evening, when they performed at Paul McCartney’s wedding in Belfast, with Bhikkhu and Waduda in attendance. Their performance of Celtic Ragas became the perfect soundtrack for the celebration.

The band created an inspiring atmosphere with their unique blend of Indian classical and Celtic music. It was an emotional moment for everyone present, as their set magically captured the aura of love and unity that form the foundation of any marriage in a fraction of moments.


I love the unique blend of Irish and
Indian style music of Celtic Ragas.

— Paul McCartney

Autostadt Collaboration

New Earth Records, Deuter and Volkswagen Autostadt joined forces in 2003 to put together an immersive musical experience that captured the soul of Autocity in Wolfsburg, Germany’s main car manufacturing hub.

The result of this collaboration was the album Earth Blue by Deuter, a work that celebrates Wolfsburg’s sights, sounds and culture in an entirely new way, bringing together diverse genres of music from some of the world’s most iconic artists.

Midem Cannes Music Conference

New Earth Records made waves when it took a chance and attended the 2005 Midem (Marché International du Disque et de l’Édition Musicale) in Cannes, France.

This was a fairly radical move, as Midem is the most prestigious annual music business gathering in the world and no label focusing on healing music had ever exhibited there before. The feat was even more impressive considering the level of attention, amidst thousands of industry professionals, New Earth Records was able to garner for its roster of wonderful talents.

Frédérick Leboyer:
Birth Without Violence

New Earth Records was behind the production of the 2008 groundbreaking movie Birth Without Violence, which was brought to life by Frédérick Leboyer, a French obstetrician and author who is mainly known for his 1974 book of the same title. That work revolutionized the way we perceive the process of birth, urging us to consider birth from the infant’s point of view. The film was honored with the Green Apple Award at the Green Lifestyle Film Festival, which took place in Los Angeles, California in March 2009.