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Spa and Massage

Rejuvenate to the sound of relaxation. Music for Spa and Massage has been proven to be a soothing and therapeutic experience, much loved by practitioners and therapists from around the world. Its calming sounds bring about a semi-hypnotic state of total peace, allowing your body, mind, and soul to feel joy and freedom.

Spotify playlist: Spa Relaxation
14 tracks – 2 hours 10 minutes

Tracks from an assortment of New Earth artists have been woven together to create a peaceful and ambient collection to help support you through a thoroughly calm and rejuvenating spa experience.

— Vision Magazine

Relaxation and Wellness

Harmonizing health and happiness. This collection of music from award-winning New Earth Records is perfect for yoga, spa treatments, Reiki, meditating, or simply relaxing. For years, they have been a trendsetter in the industry, showcasing innovative musicians to the planet. This selection evokes a calming and equilibrium ambiance with tracks from acclaimed performers, designed to bring serenity and nourishment to the spirit.

Spotify playlist: Healing Music for the Planet
33 tracks – 3 hours 45 minutes

In my understanding, music is a horizontal journey. It needs time to unfold and it is also limited by time. But in addition, good music creates a vertical journey where it transcends time and keeps on going indefinitely into higher octaves.

— Deuter



Unwind to the Beat. This superb Music for Yoga collection is the ultimate playlist for your yoga studio or home, curated to help guide your yoga practice to a place of relaxation, inner peace and harmony. Each classic track promotes the serene mental space necessary to achieve self-awareness and even transcendence of the ego. For decades, award-winning New Earth Records has been at the forefront of promoting these exceptional, ground-breaking artists to a wider audience. Expertly selected and perfect for yoga, these music for yoga masterpieces are essential for the novice or master yoga practitioner.

Spotify playlist: Yoga Zone
16 tracks – 1 hour 48 minutes



Deepen your practice with music: the Music for Meditation Collection offers top-notch, high-frequency music from ultra-talented musicians to help enhance meditation. Each song creates a tranquil yet inspiring ambience, ideal for calming the mind, body and soul. Traditional chants, nature sounds and ambient tunes are used to take the listener to a place of profound inner peace and tranquility. New Earth Records has been a leader in introducing artists to a broader audience. Exquisitely selected and suitable for yoga, meditation or just to unwind, these masterpieces bring deeply resonant sounds of joy and serenity.

Spotify playlist: Meditation by Deuter
9 tracks – 1 hour 7 minutes



Music, one of the oldest known forms of healing, has been used for centuries to relax and rejuvenate the mind. Now, more than ever before, technology is empowering us to find new age music that can deepen our practices for wellbeing and healing. From calming ambient soundscapes to uplifting tonal healing frequencies, the creative potential of modern music and audio technology is vast. So let’s explore how we can use music as a tool for healing and renewal.

Spotify playlist: Shamanic Healing by Kamal
7 tracks – 1 hour



Healing through harmony: activate the natural healing processes with exquisite Reiki Music Collections. This remarkable selection helps to create a sense of wellbeing and encourages the body’s natural healing process. The sounds appeal to the all-encompassing life energy and generate a serene atmosphere, complementing the delicate Reiki healing technique. Since 1989, Reiki practitioners from all over the world have been making use of the New Earth Records collections as part of their healing practices.

Spotify playlist: Reiki Healing
123 track – about 6 hours