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New Album Released!

Al Gromer Khan’s TARIQA

Embark on a soul-stirring journey with the newly released album Tariqa by Al Gromer Khan, where the path to tranquility and self-discovery begins. Inspired by the essence of traditional Sufism, this musical masterpiece transcends boundaries and invites you to escape the chaos of everyday life. Immerse yourself in its harmonious melodies and let the enchanting rhythms guide you towards inner peace. Experience the transformative power of music as it whispers to your soul, reminding you that sometimes, the truest path lies in embracing silence.

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means “The Path” in traditional Sufism. My own path, that of the universal trans-cultural modern age seeker, however, the Tariqa of music, so to speak, consisted mainly of running away from noise. I never wanted to go electric in live performances. And with the synthesizer, New Age, Space music, and Ambient came along, it was never really endless drones or overpowering science fiction “soundscapes”. Instead, that which provided me a magical translation into a world of subtle sonic poetry were softer, shorter pieces in a confined interior. Ambient, the sonic wallpaper, according to ambient prophet Eno – that which “allows the listener to work, read or fall asleep”, wasn´t really mine either, for the sitar is a jealous mistress. Because you see, in an intimate interior ambiance, where a declaration of love is made, she wants your attention fully.

For years it has been a recurring dream of mine. It has overwhelmed me during the REM phase of midnight sleep. In this dream, I am playing a piece of music of such immense beauty and grace that it cuts through all the levels and obstacles of the music business like a hot knife through butter. And despite the quiet soles on which it came along, it was a melody of such cheeky idiosyncrasy, perfection, of irresistible power and sweetness that without marketing and sponsorship in the marketplace was able to forge its way. Never happened, of course. But finally, much later, when I managed to create a few pieces which, despite all the self-criticism and phases of despair, I couldn’t tell you how these tracks had come about, couldn’t say just how I had done it, or who was helping me behind the scenes: It was not merely through the transgression of cultures that it happened, more like inside steering, simplicity, and keeping the volume low.

And when, sometime during the Mid-eighties, Vilayat Khan, the King of Sitar, called me his own, and upon my further enquiry as to whether some magic Indian sorcerer had provided him the power of that magic melody that made the listeners break out in tears of joy, he simply replied “My religion is music.” ~ Al Gromer Khan


“Full of poetry and magic.” THE NEWS, SAN FRANCISCO

“Like Eno, only warmer.” KEYBOARD MAGAZINE

“A state of grace … one of the most profound artists of our time.” DEEP LISTENINGS, ROME, ITALY