Bhikkhu Schober and Waduda Paradiso created New Earth Records to share with the planet and its people something deeply important to them: creativity, meditation, sustainability and spiritual development. Regardless of any material success, the fulfillment of this intention is the crowning achievement of their lives.

More than three decades ago in India, the project that is now known as New Earth Records was inspired by Osho, a mystic and author of over 650 books.

Since that beginning, the spirit of our record label has served as a reminder to imbibe and live by the principles of joy, unconditional love, and peace that originated from Osho’s teachings. It is our way to honor what is truly meaningful in life and to give back by creating positive vibrations through music.

Our journey has been filled with exciting new ideas and unexpected avenues to explore, always coming back to the ultimate goal: creativity, meditation, sustainability and spiritual development. Together, we hope to share the power of these principles in order to create moments of joy and inner transformation.

Music has an amazing ability to touch the soul and bring peace and calm in this otherwise chaotic world. Our artists are meditators in their own right, as they produce music with the intention to spread good vibes and enhance well-being across the globe.

New Earth Records is paving a unique path in the music industry by developing practices that merge creativity with sustainability and spiritual development. Through our commitment to promote a healthy lifestyle, one that respects and values the environment, we have become an example for other businesses to follow, in terms of preserving and protecting our planet.

Furthermore, our ethos of spiritual enrichment promotes an atmosphere of collaboration, creativity and understanding between those involved with our company — both employees and artists alike.

Through New Earth Records’ overall work opus, we can envision a world where music is not only enjoyed but celebrated for its positive impact on society.

Our love for music shines through each album, recognizing the undeniable strength that it has to reach and connect with people around the world. Every track has been carefully handcrafted with love in order to evoke true emotions from listeners who identify with it. Our vision is for listeners to feel this genuine passion within each album they journey through.


We Support


In honor of the New Earth we are building together, we donate 1% of proceeds to various charities.