Empty Sky
Catalog Number: NE3115-2

Album Description

With Empty Sky you experience the magic of Deuter at his best. This album is specifically designed to bring you in. You are transported into a realm where music and silence, healing and relaxation, body and spirit reach a harmonious equilibrium that creates a milieu that unites these energies, creating a healing atmosphere. You will enjoy Deuter’s eclectic mastery of many of the world’s most unique and beautiful instruments. A must for your collection.

“EMPTY SKY features Deuter at the peak of his musical prowess. Once again he blankets the listener in soothing ambience that will lift you to the heights of tranquility. Each of the eight tracks feature smooth, atmospheric synthesizers that flow in healing waves. Harp and flute dance amongst the peaceful reverie, along with strings, recorder and piano. The entire soundscape has a strongly meditative quality to it, with slowly played instruments and a ‘Zen’ feel that is very appealing for healing work. This is particularly noticeable by the use of silence in between notes and the strumming of zither on “Empty Sky – Bamboo Calling.” Fans of past Deuter albums like BUDDHA NATURE and SEA AND SILENCE will be right at home with EMPTY SKY, as it features quiet, peace-inducing music that is reminiscent of those albums.” – Music Design

Track Info

  1. Traveling the Stars 8:55
  2. Brother to the Wind 10:19
  3. Folding into the Night 4:48
  4. Beltane 7:33
  5. The Big Empty 4:06
  6. Empty Sky – Bamboo Calling 6:13
  7. Surfing the Clouds 6:26
  8. Under the Pear Tree 10:15

Total Time: 58:41