Catalog Number: NE3705-2

Album Description

This collection of music found inspiration through the vibration of the music itself. Each track of this compilation found its way and was woven together by an invisible thread they all had in common. That thread was a feeling of deep meditation, serenity and Grace.

The unique qualities of each individual artist – Deuter, Kamal, Parijat, Al Gromer Khan, and Peter Kater – and their shared ability of reaching very high states of meditation while composing their music transports the listener into a realm where music and silence, healing and relaxation, body and spirit reach a harmonious equilibrium and grace ca descend.

This is the gift we would like to share with our listeners. With this album we invite you to go on your own healing journey and experience the state that arises in you.

Goodness, beauty, grace, virtue, everything grows naturally, without any effort, without any action on your part, once you know your self-nature. This is the greatest knowing in the whole of existence.” ~Osho

Track Info

1. The Quiet Earth Kamal (11:50)
2. Green Mandala Deuter (5:48)
3. Silent Voice Al Gromer Khan (10:12)
4. Forgiving Parijat (7:59)
5. Hands of Love Deuter (4:33)
6. Reflection 2 Deuter (5:42)
7. Moving Seagrass Deuter (6:12)

Total Time: 62:06

©2012 New Earth Records / NE3119
Published by NER Music Publishing