Catalog Number: NE3130-2

Album Description

In this music, inspired by mystical and musical traditions from around the globe, Western, Eastern and Far Eastern instruments weave and blend with each other…becoming one. May these prayerful journeys lead you towards love and meditation. Each piece on this album is a prayer, a Prayer to Love. It is Prayer, which lets us be passive and humble. And it is Love, which opens the door to this magical existence. Parijat created this music out of gratitude that Love exists… Love is such a miracle, a blessing, descending on us and arising in us. If we were able to live this life with an attitude of Prayer and an open heart, this word would be much more beautiful.

The beginning has to be from your side: you have to take the initiative, you have to start pouring love into people, into existence, and then the whole existence returns love your love in many many ways, in a thousand and one ways. The existence is an echo point, whatsoever you give is echoed back: sing a song and millions of songs will shower on you. Learn the sect of Loving, so that you can have as much love as is needed for your soul to grow.

Instruments: Classical Guitar, Electric Sitar, Gu Zheng (Chinese Harp), Piano, Percussion, Keyboards, programing.

We love: that’s why life is full of so many wonderful gifts.” ~Rumi

Everybody is hankering for love, desires it, everybody wants to be loved and nobody wants to love. And love comes only to those who love.” ~OSHO, Darshan Diaries

Track Info

1. Journey to the Center (10:00)
2. Prayer to Love (10:00)
3. Restful Place (10:00)
4. Dance of the Dervish (10:00)
5. Rise of the Phoenix (10:00)
6. Gentle Touch (10:00)

Total Time: 60:00