reiki wellness
Catalog Number: NE3706-2

Album Description

This superb collection of music ranges gently through layered melodies, nature sounds and textural vibrations to create a sonic environment perfect for massage, bodywork and meditation. Reiki Wellness supports the practice of Reiki by bringing together healing sounds of award-winning artists: Deuter and Kamal.

Reiki is a universal energy and gentle system of healing, mostly by touch of hands. This authentic collection of music was designed to accompany the practice of reiki and other healing arts. Reiki Wellness is suitable for creating a serene and relaxing environment to be used by bodyworkers, spa therapists, massage practitioners and beyond.

This album opens a space that transmits the heart and soul of Reiki more deeply than I ever felt before.” ~Ghata Engels, Reiki Master in the Usui Tradition

Track Info

  1. Flowing Deuter 5:28
  2. Whale Dreaming Kamal 11:04
  3. Loving Touch Deuter 10:10
  4. Healing Circle Deuter 12:05
  5. Travellers of the Seas Kamal 8:16
  6. Dreamcatcher Kamal 9:12
  7. Blessing Deuter 6:23

Total Time: 62:39