Catalog Number: NE2401-2

Album Description

Combining superb musicianship with passionate vocals, RASA creates a sound that is timeless and transformative, devotional, creative, evocative and soothing. A mystical prayer that taps into an ancient well of spiritual wisdom, Shelter touches upon the soul’s need for transcendence. With accompaniment from the cello, sarangi, nyckelharpa and sitar, Hans Christian and Kim Waters put forth an exceptional fusion of Indian spiritual music. Their music blends meditative, transcendental, and ethereal qualities into an elegant, contemporary style.

The sound of RASA is unlike anything you’ve ever heard. Sensual vocals and soaring cello and sarangi swirls weave a sacred tunic of devotional love songs in Bengali and Sanskrit. Shelter maps a voyage towards spirit with its irresistable melodies, luscious grooves and soulful performances. You are invited to embark on a journey to the transcendental realm…

…wonderful, exquisite, sensational…RASA at their best! Kim Waters’ voice is soft, mellow and pleasing to the ears. Combined with the musical talents of Hans Christian, the duo of RASA provides the listener with a ‘shelter’ of devotional songs and sounds to calm both mind and body.” ~Liz Doan, Music Design

Track Info

1. Gauranga Karuna 8:56
2. Ar Koto Kal 8:07
3. Narada Muni 5:57
4. Jaya Radha 8:28
5. Panduranga 8:29
6. Arunodaya 5:40
7. Dainyatmika 6:43
8. Vaishnava Vijnapti 9:16

Total Time: 62:06