Yoga lounge
Catalog Number: NE2512-2

Album Description

Yoga Lounge is a sitar lover’s gem, combining strong melodies with punchy beats. This is East Indian music at its expressive best, coaxing sultry, seductive moods from and array of memorable tunes. Perfect for moving the body or for a warm night when there’s something exotic in the air!

“Imaginative compositions that blend Eastern and Western influences the domain of Chinmaya Dunster. With YOGA LOUNGE, he takes that classification to new levels, enlisting the assistance of sitar player Niladri Kumar to enhance the Eastern portion of the album. The music is meditative, yet groovy with light trip-hop rhythms as its driving force. Kumar’s sitar is played in a contemporary (and somewhat melodic) manner, alongside flute, synthesizer atmosphere and other Indian fusion elements. Yoga is the obvious activity of choice for the album, although it would be equally fitting for chilling out with friends or any time when an exotic mood is desired.” – Music Design

Track Info

  1. Bhairavi 7:22
  2. Jhinjhoti 6:21
  3. Coming Home 6:03
  4. Yoga Beat 7:01
  5. Village Songs 11:36
  6. Arunavachana (Promise of the Dawn) 6:33
  7. Innergy 6:48
  8. Jhinjhoti Revisited 5:58

Total Time: 57:58